Dutch is a consultancy firm that provides its clients with entrepreneurship and innovation, with the specific goal of sustainably improving their business. Dutch’ approach is characterized by close collaboration, equality and commitment to results. Services are focused on the most important business issues: value creation, risk management and cost optimization.

Since its establishment in 2001, Dutch has grown rapidly and now employs over 150 professionals. In 2009 the annual revenue exceeded EUR 17 million Euro. Over the years Dutch has worked with leading national and international companies. Fields of operation: Public sector, Telecom & Media, Finance, Industry & Retail and Energy & Sustainability.

Open Innovation is a primary area of expertise in which Dutch has a leading position in local and national government as well as in the private sector. Dutch helps to imbed Open Innovation into corporate strategy and facilitates an effective application of Open Innovation as a means to building better business. Regarding crowdsourcing, the ‘Dutch way’ is to enable clients to do it themselves.

Relevant previous experience

Dutch helped Nuon (dutch energy firm) create an Innovation Portal for its employees.

      • Contributing expertise and program management, dutch is a founding partner of SCOI (see description below), aiming to stimulate growth through application of Open Innovation by Amsterdam based SME companies.

      • In the Amsterdam Opent project, dutch facilitates the crowdsourcing of three of Amsterdam’s current challenges: parking bicycles, restructuring the red light district and decentralizing energy production.

      • For the dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Dutch wrote a leading report that explores and develops perspective for Open Innovation at national government level.

Service Centre Open Innovation (SCOI)

SCOI is a public-private cooperation with the City of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Innovatie Motor and consultancy firm Dutch as founding partners. SCOI aims to introduce SME companies in the larger Amsterdam region to the opportunities of Open Innovation. It is the mission of SCOI to stimulate growth of business through Open Innovation. Applying Open Innovation can increase margins, reduce costs, shorten time to market and enhance R&D output.

SCOI helps companies to see and seize the opportunities that Open Innovation presents. Three core services are being provided to the SME companies:

      • Open Innovation Statements on how to apply Open Innovation to stimulate growth

      • Open Innovation Events that provide inspiration and knowledge exchange

      • Purchasing Service, that operates as a mediator between the SME companies and the relevantsuppliers (platforms, challenges, expertise)

Role in the project:

Dutch is involved in work packages 1, 2, 3 and  7.