Urban Lab Challenge Finalists announced!

The three finalists of the Urban Lab Challenge are the following:

facileStrategy® - The Tourism Monitoring Center (from Rudder Technologies)

Rudder’s solution is a demonstration of how the tourist promotion of a destination can be made better and more effective, when it is completely aligned with the policies, planning activities, and tourism management of the destination. It is a solution that is centered on five pillars: Management; Planning;Promotion; facileguides® Promotion Channels; facileguides® API.

CiteumArs (from Compartia)

CiteumArs helps cultural heritage managers or curators in museums, tourism offices or any kind of heritage institutions to show their heritage assets through a customizable app. CiteumArs is an open-app solution, meaning that the admin user can make any kind of content changes or updatings which could be immediately seen by the users on their mobile devices. The application reuses open content available in many cultural and tourism institutions all over the world. That content could be reused by the institutions to create specific apps for specific purposes. With CiteumArs the institutions themselves have direct access to the maintenance of their contents.

Engaging Cultures Travel (from Trip4real)

Trip4real is an online marketplace introducing travelers to unique experiences. Nowhere else can travelers immerse themselves into the culture and enjoy social gatherings with locals. The Trip4real platform allows locals to add experiences in certain activities, hobbies, and customs that they are fluent in. Access is easy, and in this way there are equal efforts on both ends of the spectrum that link locals with travelers. Not only can they gather socially, but they also have the opportunity to learn about their diverse cultural backgrounds.