The Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge

Open Data is hot! European cities have an overwhelming amount of data. They also have a huge amount of problems along with heavy budget restrictions.
The Open cities project calls for developers to collaboratively brainstorm in our Open Data Forum about these two Open Data problems:
1. Which City Data should be opened first (not already opened)? 

2. Give ideas for Open data apps and ways to monetize them   

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How does it work?

a) Register for freeb) Brainstorm onlinec) Win! :)

What you get
  • 1500€ in prizes for the top five solutions!! 500€ for the top solution, 400€ for the second one, 300€ for the third one, 200€ for the fourth one, and 100€ for the fifth one.
  • Small Amazon vouchers worth of 20€ for all participants who complete all the steps (including contribution to idea forums and taking three brief surveys at different stages of the challenge).
  • An invitation to the Smart city expo finale.
  • A mention of all key contributors to this challenge in a whitepaper, which will be prepared based on the lessons, learned from the innovation challenge.


27.08.2012  Challenge opens              
01.11.2012  Challenge closes          
01.12.2012  Winner announcement