Terms and Conditions


The Tourism Crowdsourcing Challenge is a Pan-European idea competition lead by the Open Cities Consortium that advocates the added values of working with interoperable, collaborative platforms throughout EU cities. The same time Open Cities, especially with the crowdsourcing challenge, helps policy makers to source ideas easier externally, to make local policy making more innovative, using the creativity of citizens.

The primary objective of this Tourism Challenge is to address major and globally - applicable tourism problems by the use of one simple idea sourcing platform (Amsterdam has developed) and to show the value of launching a competition/challenge for the local governance.

To sum it up with Open Cities we promote the value of businesses built on open data and we stimulate open governance processes with the introduction of some useful ICT solutions.

Participation and Submissions

In the Tourism Crowdsourcing Challenge, idea publishers have the chance to submit their idea in any of the given 4 cities (or idea applicable for all 4 cities. One participant will be also invited to the Barcelona Smart City Event (in nov 2013) to pitch the idea. In order to be eligible to compete, idea publishers must align with the challenge rules such as they have to register on the platform, the description of the idea must entail some sense of urgency and the suggested solution should be unique (see further briefing).

1. Crowdsourcing platform – in 4 cities operating

The crowdsourcing challenge is to stimulate urban redesign and policy making with an innovative platform. It enables online collaboration, and support from mentors and experts as well as peers. It is open and free for any tourists, i.e. developers, designers, communicators, or just people with good ideas.

The challenge submission is possible between 20 June and 15 Aug 2013. In aug 4 idea winners will be selected (each cities one) and the winners will receive an Amsterdam design bike During this period, participants can register, create teams if needed and present their initial ideas to the mentors in order to get valuable feedback. The mentors and the broader community are available to provide support along the process of deploying a new touristic solution. There will be 4 mentors involved, one from each city, mainly from the touristic agencies.

General rules for participation to the Crowdsourcing Tourism Challenge

  • Participation to the touristic challenge is free and open to any private person or firm.
  • All registered participants have the right to use as frequently as they wish any of the public communication tools of the platform in order to interact with the mentors and other users, including forums, webinars, hangouts, posts, and online discussions.
  • Use of appropriate language on these channels is required, and the organizers reserve the right to ban users that use any kind of offensive language.
  • Each participant has chances to communicate directly with a city mentor.
  • Confidentiality of all information exchanged during private interactions with mentors is ensured.
  • All interactions on the platform will be done in English.

General rules for submission touristic ideas

  • Submissions and presentations to the online competition are free and open to any city tourist, private person or firm.
  • Applicants can submit more than one idea. However only one idea from each applicant can be chosen as a finalist.
  • The submitted idea must serve a tourism-related need as described in the briefing. Idea publishers must clearly state how they encountered the touristic service related problem and why the offered solution would help the chosen city. The jury maintains the right to disqualify any idea not following these conditions and criteria for participation.
  • Elaborated ideas are submitted on the Online Competition through the Open Cities crowdsourcing platform at www.opencities.net.
  • All pitches, idea explanations, and other marketing material must be done in English.

Idea Sharing

We believe in giving participants the most freedom possible in exchange their ideas with other participants. The idea publishers developing ideas for this Crowdsourcing Challenge are accepting that the intellectual property of their idea stays theirs unless they become winners. The winners are agreeing on the transfer of their intellectual property of the idea to the Open Cities Crowdsourcing team.

By submitting an idea to this Competition, you grant the Open Cities consortium a royalty‐free license, for a period not to exceed one year, to:

  • Post on Open Cities and associated websites information about the submitted ideas including, but not limited to, details about the touristic service, screenshots, etc., and a links to any other relevant project, touristic services solutions from other cities.
  • Publicize the names of Competition participants (including the individual members of a team) and winners, and their Applications through media and events of the organizer’s choosing.
  • Deploy or otherwise utilize the content of the idea (by Touristic Agency).

Out of Scope Ideas

Submitted ideas, solutions must address one or more problem statements defined in the Briefing. In particular, we cannot support the development of projects that are:

  • Illegal in any of the EU countries
  • Primarily political, sectarian or religious in nature
  • Discriminatory to any person or group of persons
  • Related to weapons/ammunition, tobacco, or adult-oriented

Evaluation Criteria

After the finalization of the submission period, 4 ideas will be selected by an independent jury (local tourist agency members)

Selection criteria:

  • Addresses the problem statement(s) and comes up with a suggestion for better touristic services in cities
  • Idea or solution is scalable to any other cities
  • Elaboration of idea entails creativity and innovation

Final Award and Prizes

4 teams/individuals with the most innovative touristic services solutions, as determined by an international jury and the public vote, will be selected as finalists and will receive per city the best idea publisher an Amsterdam design bike (MOOF).

One person of the winners will be invited to present the idea on Smart Cities Expo in November, 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. Eventual travel and preparation is at the participant’s own cost. All idea winners will receive promotion through the project channels during the final round of online competition.


a. All the content and information provided in the context of the Open Cities Crowdsourcing Platform is subject to the protection and will be used just for this competition.

b. In order to operate the Challenge, City of Amsterdam will share the contact data of the participating members with the other consortium partners. All the Open Cities partners abide to use this data for the sole and exclusive purpose of communication with its participants for the better operation of the challenge.