What will happen with my idea after submitting it?

The open cities crowdsourcing team (coordinated by City of Amsterdam) will read carefully all ideas together with our tourist agency experts from Helsinki, Amsterdam and Paris. After the submission around Aug there will be a pre- selection of the best ideas, and in Oct 2013 we’ll announce the winner.

Who can see my idea?

After submission the platform is open to all webpage visitor’s. all other idea publisher can comment on your idea.

What can I do with the other ideas?

If it is related to yours or you have an opinion on that, pls comment! There is a separate feed back field. Make use of that. For us the most interesting if we can stimulate the interaction between the idea publishers and tourist agency experts.

What if I want to submit one idea for all 3 cities?

You can submit one idea for all 3 cities at the same time. However you can be winner just in one city.