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  • Submitted by: CYT2|
  • Date: 2016-10-07 11:01|
  • Status: New

MR Amsterdam

F*** Amsterdam

  • Submitted by: sahil|
  • Date: 2016-10-07 10:02|
  • Status: New

Sahil Rikhye

Make bike lanes easier to navigate for tourists. Write map instructions on the ground in white paint

  • Submitted by: marekg|
  • Date: 2013-11-15 21:59|
  • Status: New

SmartGuide - interactive mobile tourist guide

SmartGuide is personal(ized) interactive mobile audio tourist guide.
[ very formal/technical decription : ]
Indivisible units of text tourist information (sentence/half-sentence, which are guide content) are selected and scheduled as flow of semantic sequence according to dynamic geo-location (speed and direction of movement - GPS or indoor positioning) and multi-threaded user profile, and turned into audio stream via Text-To-Speech technology.

Guides content – as sets of indivisible units of tourist guide info - will be created/crowdsourced by any author/third_party using special multi-language platform with extensive support like simulation and translation, integrated with appstore, where users will select and buy guides.

There are foreseen three modes of SmartGuide operations:
1. outdoor - mobile, under GPS coverage
2. indoor - mobile, generally e.g. museums and/or closed objects
[ switching outdoor indoor should be transparent to the user ]
3. virtual - for desktop/tablet use,

Main part of SmartGuide: content auto-adjustment to dynamic geo-location context is covered by patent application.

There are two more areas to be applies:
- public transport (and bikes) - integration with schedules (how to reach proper bus/tram/bike station, when and where to leave/transfer)
- full scope informatory: list of available up-to-date events, cinemas, museums, ... , virtually any kind of info required by incomers (not only foreigners)

Cities may use SmartGuide as its promotional tool with appropriate arrangement of content - distributed for free to all incomers in tourist and travel places via WiFi hotspots (local distribution).

Expected is also cooperation with various tourist and promotional bodies.

Looking for partners interested in developing SmartGuide - its technical/technological part is almost ready to be deployed.

  • Submitted by: giorgio|
  • Date: 2013-11-15 15:27|
  • Status: New

Memories: the poetic city

Nowadays we are overloaded with "smart"services. Thanks to services like tripadvisor, around me, and so on, I can know in every moment what I can find around me, what's inside, how the food is, in case...
So plannig it's easier than ever. But a travel is a way to create great memories...

So: what do we remember a place for? If it's a restaurant, for the amazing food? the nice wine? the good service?
Well, also. That is possible.
Maybe, sometimes, behind the reason we love a place there is an amazing story.
Something worth to tell. Something that made a place special in our eyes, unforgettable. And we want to share it.
And maybe there is someone else who had some amazing moment in the very same place?
Then let's collect those stories. Let's tell them.

Memories: the poetic city it is an app to share some amazing story, some great memory you have and that, for whatever reason, it's linked to a particular place in the city. People can read it while it they are in town, or while planning the trip, or just staying home...

Let's make the people that are coming in the city we love to understand why we love that little corner of it, that amazing hidden place that you will never find in the guides, and let them discover that place through our stories. It's the experiences that make it personal.
Not the fastest way to find out something? Maybe. But everything it's fast now. Let's take some time to share with the people the poetry that is in our life. isn't that smart? isn't that beautiful?

  • Submitted by: Diego|
  • Date: 2013-11-15 11:33|
  • Status: New

Visit Plannr

A Smart City needs to be able to PREDICT future needs/situations in order to avoid future problems or take advantage in benefit of their citizens and visitors.
Nowadays, tourists have many options to plan their visit to a new city, but most of them lack of real-time information regarding events in the city (huge queues in Helsinki's Ateneum, renovations in Gare du Nord or diversion on bus 197 to Rijksmuseum). This information is public but tourists normally do not have the information channels citizens are used to.

VisitPlannr allows the city to:
- PREDICT future flows of tourists along the city (aggregating dates of visit and interests/tourist profiles) and ACT ahead proposing itineraries to enhance the touristic experience while avoiding agglomerations and other unexpected inconveniences. These itineraries will propose a specific sequence of points of interest.
- create a new CHANNEL to broadcast interesting news or direct personalized messages to a certain tourist profile.
- create a PLATFORM for local businesses (restaurants, galleries,...) to attract visitors by creating temporal offers.

VisitPlannr allows tourists to:
- Plan their itineraries through the city to visit points of interest, attend events and avoid unplanned inconveniences.
- Receive discounts/offers to attractions, restaurants,… along their itinerary.
- Receive City news and customized notifications (rock concert tonight)
- Follow itineraries curated by City personalities (artists, major,...)

Example of use:
1. Tourist opens the VisitPlannr and selects the dates of their visit, main interests (art, gastronomy, music, ...) and places they want to visit.
2. App uses the information from all the users, discounts/offers from third parties, any temporal event (renovations, stations closed, strikes,..) to create itineraries that OPTIMIZE the flow of tourists and maximize their experience.

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