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  • Submitted by: CYT2|
  • Date: 2016-10-07 11:01|
  • Status: New

MR Amsterdam

F*** Amsterdam

  • Submitted by: sahil|
  • Date: 2016-10-07 10:02|
  • Status: New

Sahil Rikhye

Make bike lanes easier to navigate for tourists. Write map instructions on the ground in white paint

  • Submitted by: louis|
  • Date: 2016-04-04 12:21|
  • Status: New


the probleme when i travel abroad is that i can't use my smartphone because it's too expensive

  • Submitted by: marekg|
  • Date: 2013-11-15 21:59|
  • Status: New

SmartGuide - interactive mobile tourist guide

SmartGuide is personal(ized) interactive mobile audio tourist guide.
[ very formal/technical decription : ]
Indivisible units of text tourist information (sentence/half-sentence, which are guide content) are selected and scheduled as flow of semantic sequence according to dynamic geo-location (speed and direction of movement - GPS or indoor positioning) and multi-threaded user profile, and turned into audio stream via Text-To-Speech technology.

Guides content – as sets of indivisible units of tourist guide info - will be created/crowdsourced by any author/third_party using special multi-language platform with extensive support like simulation and translation, integrated with appstore, where users will select and buy guides.

There are foreseen three modes of SmartGuide operations:
1. outdoor - mobile, under GPS coverage
2. indoor - mobile, generally e.g. museums and/or closed objects
[ switching outdoor indoor should be transparent to the user ]
3. virtual - for desktop/tablet use,

Main part of SmartGuide: content auto-adjustment to dynamic geo-location context is covered by patent application.

There are two more areas to be applies:
- public transport (and bikes) - integration with schedules (how to reach proper bus/tram/bike station, when and where to leave/transfer)
- full scope informatory: list of available up-to-date events, cinemas, museums, ... , virtually any kind of info required by incomers (not only foreigners)

Cities may use SmartGuide as its promotional tool with appropriate arrangement of content - distributed for free to all incomers in tourist and travel places via WiFi hotspots (local distribution).

Expected is also cooperation with various tourist and promotional bodies.

Looking for partners interested in developing SmartGuide - its technical/technological part is almost ready to be deployed.

  • Submitted by: Liselotte|
  • Date: 2013-11-15 20:40|
  • Status: New


Everyone knows that the best way to explore the most capitals is by bike.
But big cities are overwhelming. Every tourist guid book tells you the same sh*t. But you want to experience new and exciting things. But how do you know these things when you don't have friends in these areas?
This app is the answer.
Locals can register an account and specify a theme. They arrange a special bike tour with all their special places and interesting hotspots. Every tourist can identify themselves to one of these themes; search for a local who they find interesting and follow their favorite places in the city.

- The Fingerlicking Foodie
The Fingerlicking Foodie will show you where you can eat good food for not too much money.
- The Cool Clubber
The best clubs, the coolest underground parties and the newest bars, The Clubber will tell you where to go and how to dress.
- The Crazy Creative
Where are the finest galeries, workshops where you can throw paint are be creative with cork? The Crazy Creative will show you everything
- The Cultural Freak
Which Museum opened recently and where are the must see sculptures in the city, hidden behind some greens? The Cultural Freak will point out every single one in his favorite spot in town.

How to?
Besides choosing your specific type in the app, you can rent a bike (Velib) and connect your phone to this awesome bike. Through GPS you can see the map of your favorite theme and person and bike a way into a part of his life. How awesome is that!

Pro's for tourists:
they find new and exciting things through tips froms locals
they explore the city the best way there is; by bike
they get enough exercise
What's in it for the locals?
For every fully completed profile, a local can rent the Velib for free. As a thank you for helping tourist to have to most terrific experience of this amazing city.

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