Barcelona Open Cities Challenges

The concentration of population in cities leads to reflect on how to absorbe it and make life easier for its citizens.

Barcelona is a vibrant city that is constantly adapting to new times and currently the City Council has the aim of making Barcelona a world reference for Smart Cities,  by merging urban planning, ecology and information technology, making technology reach every neighborhood and improving the quality of life of its citizens.

Barcelona has many "smart" assets in areas such as energy, transport, urban planning or the use of ICT. Some examples are the 22 @ infrastructures, the wifi network, the Bicing, the Barcelona Urban Lab, or the Barcelona OpenData , among others. Furthermore, Barcelona has become the Mobile World Capital and has led the organization of the Smart City Expo.

Barcelona is a city that continues to open new paths in the field of ​​Smart Cities.

App Challenge

Develop apps for Barcelona!

This challenge calls for apps using any kind of open data. If you want to create an app for this challenge you may use the data sets available from Fraunhofer and UPF.

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Urban Lab Challenge

Test your project in Barcelona!

The Urban Lab Challenge calls companies who want to test in the streets of Barcelona their innovative product or service, that can improve the municipal services offered to the citizens.

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Learn more about Barcelona's Wireless Sensor/3G Network